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     Being a fine wine enthusiast, I particularly keep watch for wine and drink menus from the Palace Hotel. Some of my lists feature everything from a 1934 Domaine de la RomanĂ©e-Conti to a 1924 Chateau Latour, a 1928 Veuve Clicquot to a 1929 Mouton Rothschild. I will purchase wine and cocktail lists when I can, but it baffles me how many sellers have these menus listed online for unrealistic prices. I've watched people try to sell these for $50 and up - in one case, $250.00 for a folding drink menu. Another vintage wine menu has been for sale for nearly 3 years at $201.25! It's worth around $30.00. I've watched them languish for sale over the course of many months and years, never getting sold. For some reason, there is a large discrepancy between actual and imagined value. Menus from the current Palace Hotel that I have seen sell usually go between $5 to $15 a piece. A unique or mint condition one perhaps $20. The menus that are worth more are those from the original 1875 building, which can bring in $50 to $200 depending on year and event. 

Palace Hotel Wine & Drink List - circa 1932 to 1936. 

Archibald H. Price - Manager

Great little wine and drink list showing various 1920 vintages of wine and cocktails for the Palace Hotel. 

GC Lounge Evening Cocktail & Wine Menu - 2019.

Palace Hotel cocktail & drink menu.

Edmund A. Rieder - General Manager, 1940s.

     All of the post 1909 menus shown below I only paid between $2.50 and $5.00 each. The present day Palace has menus on small laminated cards (GC Lounge) or within PH stamped leather cases (Pied Piper). Room service menus are printed on door hangers and the one I saved can be viewed on the next page. (Single photos can't be upload as thumbnails. All others can be clicked on to enlarge them).


Sunday Evening Concert at the Palace Hotel Palm Court. May 3rd, 1925.


Reception & Dinner given in honor of Esten A. Fletcher.

Imperial Potentate A.A.O.N.M.S.

Islam Temple, William H. Woodfield, Jr. Illustrious Potentate

Palm Court - Palace Hotel, San Francisco

March 17th, 1931

1938 Exposition

Palm Court Luncheon

May 29th, 1935

Menu cover only.

Mardi Gras at the Palace Hotel

February 25th, 1936

Menu (likely lunch) with special insert.

December 22nd, 1938

Palm Court dinner menu with special dinner insert.

December 22nd, 1938

Souvenir Menu

Fox West Coast Annual Xmas Party

Palace Hotel

Friday, December 23rd, 1938

Features a back section for autographs (blank).

Christmas Dinner

The Palace Hotel

December 25th, 1938

French Menu

May 16th, 1939

Featuring the S.S. Normandie at the top right.

Palm Court Luncheon

September 14th, 1939


Manager Archibald H. Price

No date given, c 1930s.

Very thick menu.

Single sided Continental Breakfast Menu

February 16th, 1940

Palm Court Dinner with

French Menu

July 8th, 1940


The Palace Hotel Dinner

No Service Less Than 25 Cents

September 19th, 1940


Victory Luncheon, Golden Gate International Exposition

October 10th, 1940

Far Right:

Opera Buffet Supper

October 16th, 1940


Two Breakfast Menus featuring Golden Gate Park and Telegraph Hill. Same interiors, one is hand dated on the front 3-20-41.

Breakfast Menu

Same Telegraph Hill cover as above with a different interior. Menu only listed on the right side. 


Opera Supper Menu

October 24th, 1941


The Alumni of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Honoring the Class of 1942.

May 19th, 1942.

Dinner Menu / 

Rose Room Dinner Menu

April 11th, 1941

Cover: The Old Palace Hotel in the Bonanza Days - 1875. 

Garden Court Dinner Menu for September 19th, 1942. Interesting menu because several people, including the hotel manager, signed this menu on the right side. "Table O'hute? - Farewell to 'a la carte'! - Saturday, September 19th, 1942. Waey? Heyvaud, Edmond A. Rieder, Leoraine Selleck, George Aselluk, A. Bach, J.H. Johusln." Some of the names are difficult to read. 


Opera Dinner

October 9th, 1942

Far Right:

Carte du Jour

Garden Court Dinner

Match 1st, 1943

The Palace Hotel

Edmond A. Rieder - General Manager

San Francisco

Cocktail List

No Date - c1940s

Victory Cocktail Hour

Garden Court

c1940s, but based on the word Victory, likely created for the end of the war in 1945.

Design for the Opera, The Palace Hotel

"In keeping with our tradition, Once again we shall serve a Special Opera Dinner in the Garden Court at 7P.M. on Opera Nights

Please telephone us if you plan to come

Exbrook 8600

The Palace Hotel


Diner D'Opera

September 25th, 1953

Palace Hotel

San Francisco

Room Service Luncheon

Monday, July 26th, 1954


Lotta's Fountain

The Palace Hotel

July 26th, 1954

Garden Court Luncheon

July 26th, 1954

Garden Court Dinner

July 26th, 1954

The Palace Corner

Dinner Menu

August 4th, 1954

Room Service Dinner

August 4th, 1954


Lotta's Fountain

August 4th, 1954

Garden Court Dinner

August 4th, 1954

Happy Valley Menu (PH Cocktail Lounge)

Cocktails and Mixed Drinks on left.

A La Carte on right.

Not dated and no manager name to narrow it down.

Gala Night

The Palace Hotel

Thursday, September 14th

I saw this date occurred in 1944 and 1950.

Rose Room Bowl

Supper Dance Menu

Thick card menu,

I have two of the same one.

No date or manage name given.

Original Palace Hotel - 1870s

Banquet for the California State Homeopathic Medical Society. Maple Room, Palace Hotel, Thursday, May 14th, 1896.

The Maple Room (or Maple Hall) is shown at right from the hotel.

Menu: January 14th, 1928

Halsey E. Manwaring

Palace Hotel Christmas Day Dinner Menu & Concert Orchestra Program.

December 25th, 1926.


The Palace Hotel menu with the best wine list I've seen! Dinner in honor of Dr. Maynard Amerine. On the Occasion of his Departure for the Armed Forces of the United States.

Presidential Suite, The Palace Hotel, San Francisco

July 22nd, 1942

Featuring Schloss Bockelheimer 1934, Chateau Latour m.d.c. 1933, Chateau Latour m.d.c. 1924, Romanee Conti 1934 Monopole, Fine Champagne Hine "Triomphe". 

Twentieth Quarterly Dinner of the Society of Medical Friends of Wine

Wednesday Evening, June 2nd, 1948

Comstock Room, The Palace Hotel, San Francisco

Dinner of the San Francisco Chapter of the Pan-American Medical Association

Saturday Evening, December 11th, 1948


Dinner for Le Vodka Smirnoff

Menu in French,

June 16th, 1949, The Palace Hotel


Meursault Perriere, 1937

Clos D'Estournel, 1937

Jeroboam H. G. Mumm

Cordon Rouge 1937

Fine Champagne

The Garden Court Breakfast Menu, Pied Piper Dinner Menu and Wine List, Garden Court Afternoon Tea Menu - April 2022. 


A c1910 / 1920 Palace Hotel Afternoon Tea menu. Embossed with the PH logo and lined in gold, this thick card gives a fantastic insight into the early days of Palace Hotel tea!

Includes subsections for Tea, Coffee, Hot, Sandwiches, Jams/Jellies and Preserves, Pastry, Ices, and Drinks. 

100 Years of Wine! The Inglenook Vineyards Centennial Dinner at the Sheraton Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

January 24th, 1979

This MASSIVE dinner menu measures 16" high and 6" wide with a silver commemorative sticker and red ribbon on the cover.

Features the dinner menu, accompanying wine list, and 2 Centennial Programs.



Merry Christmas from the Palace Hotel! Christmas Day dinner menu for

Thursday, December 25th, 1879. 

Printed by Crowe & Cooke, Engravers and Printers, 22 Montgomery St. They were located across from the Lick House Hotel, and also published their dinner menus in the same border and style. Their company marking appeared on the Lick House menus, but not on these due to size. 

Dinner menu from Monday, December 29th, 1879. 

Both of these menus came from the collection of David Gainsborough Roberts (1947-2017), a world-renowned collector from the Channel Island of Jersey. He collected an eclectic variety of 19th and 20th Century popular culture history and after his passing, his extensive collection was put up for auction. The remainder of items from this lot are available for sale under the Home page. 

Banquet to Aaron A. Sargent, Minister of the United States to Germany. By the Citizens of San Francisco, Palace Hotel. Thursday, March 30th, 1882. 

An absolutely beautiful menu lined with fur and tassels. Includes guest list, dinner menu, and wine list for the evening. The back features artwork by Pancroft & Co. 

The last photo is of Aaron Sargent, (1827-1887), who was an accomplished American journalist, lawyer, Senator, and diplomat. 

Garden Court Dinner Theatre Menu

Date Unknown, possibly 1970s or 80s?








A Bill of Fare Dinner Menu & Wine List for the Palace Hotel, Unfortunately, the top front portion of the menu is missing, which likely would've had the date. The latest year on the wine list was for a Gold Metal Paris Exposition 1889, so it likely dates 1890 or 1891. The oldest wine is an 1870 Chateau Larose, with an 1860 Champagne Brandy for the liquors. This was once glued into an album, with the remains of it on the back bottom. 


Palace Hotel Breakfast In Rooms Menu from June 25th, 1919. Measures 11.5" x 7". 

A fantastic Palace Hotel

Wine List & Dinner Menu for Tuesday, June 17th, 1884

Tudor Room at the Palace Hotel dinner menu. No date, c1960s.